Optimist Major League Baseball

Parent’s Organization Notes

Coaches, Philosophy, Volunteer Position

Head coach: Jim Flack.

Bench Coach: Jim Flack

First Base Coach: Andy Jolley

Third Base Coach: Jeff Ubben

Assistant Coach(s):

Pitching Coach(s):

Practice Coach(s): Jim Flack, Jeff Ubben, Andy Jolley

Score Keeper: Jim Flack, Jeff Ubben, Andy Jolley

Tag Day Coordinator: Jim Flack

Coaching philosophy.  Our goal is to teach and develop each player first over winning.  We would like to win and we will try to win, but not at the expense of the players.  The purpose of youth sports is to HAVE FUN and player development.  We have always played all our players and tried to put them in positions they want to be in.  But because Optimist rosters have 12 to 14 players on the team per night that can be difficult, and there will be times the players desire will take a second position to the team success.  As coaches we will try our best to develop each player’s talent and at the same time we will try our best to in sure the entire team will have a successful season.

Volunteer positions: The team always needs additional help and if you are interested please see me.  In addition, I welcome additional assistant coaches for practices.


Important Dates & Notes for Current Season

Practice starts May 10.

Season starts June 05 and is not over until the tournament July 19.  Plan your vacations after the season ends.

Drink schedule is on the team website.  All parents expected to participate.

Tag Days is conducted by the Waterloo Optimist Club and the schedule is on the team website.  All parents/players expected to participate.

All Star Game will be played after the regular season ends.

Optimist games will be played on Tuesday, and Thursday nights.  See game schedule for dates on the team website and/or Leisure Service website.

Pre-season practices (before the season starts) are on Tuesday/Thursday nights, at either the Dane or Tibbitts Baseball Complex.  Depending on the day, the field # will change and the starting time will change.  See practice schedule for dates on the team website and/or Leisure Service website (refer to the handout Leisure Service provided when you picked up your uniform).  Saturday practices may be scheduled, but subject to change if there are not enough players, plus several pitcher/catcher practices and several practice games may be scheduled.  See pre-season practice schedule for dates on the team website and this schedule is subject to change on a weekly base.  Once the season starts I will schedule practices as needed (as long as we have enough players available to practice).

All Game start times will vary depending on the night.  If possible, we will have a short practice before the game.  This will be announced before the game and also posted on the team website.  If no practice is scheduled, all players are asked to be at the ballpark an ½ hour before game time for a proper warm-up and starting line-up preparation.


Communications – Primary Tool is the Two Internet Websites

The team website is www.jimflack.com.  You will be able to get most all team related information at this site and this is the first place you should go to answer your questions.  The following information can be found: announcements, general team information, league/team rules, schedules (tag day, drink schedule, practice schedule, game schedule, tournament schedule), player/coach roster, standings, and player/team stats.

Leisure Service’s website is www.waterlooleisureservices.org.  You will be able to get up to date sports information, including weather related announcements, game cancellations, game schedule, and standings.  In addition they have a website www.teamsideline.com/waterloo where you will find the game schedule and standings.

Leisure Service's offers Text Message Alerts to get updated information on cancellations and announcements delivered right to your cell phone and/or email address.  These messages are a free service and you can sign up on Leisure Services web site.

I also use emails to reach parents regarding upcoming announcements, so please verify your email address listed on the Team Roster.  I am using the email address you provided Leisure Service so if this is not one you check frequently, please let me know.

If the information you need is not on one of the above websites, you need to call me.    I will make all announcements/changes at the practices and games.  I will not be calling the players with announcements/changes and it is up to you to first check the websites and then call me if your questions are not answered.  If you missed a practice-game and/or unsure of upcoming dates-cancellations:

First try calling my cell phone 239-6844.  If you can’t reach me on my cell phone, you can call me at home 234-3047.

Second try emailing me at JIMFLACK@AOL.COM.  I have a iPhone so I get emails immediately.


Parent Notices/Topics

Drink schedule – a schedule for drinks has been set by game and everyone is asked to contribute.  The drink schedule is on the team website.  If a game is rained out, please bring the drinks to the make-up rain date and schedule with the coach to avoid duplication.  If there is a problem with your participation, please see the coach.

Vacationsplease let the coaches know what vacations are planned during the May/July period (including the tournament).  Remember the season is not over until the tournament is over.

Optimist Medical and Contact Information Form.  Waterloo Leisure Service asks that a parent sign the form and return to the coach, granting permission to get emergency treatment for your child.  This is primarily for practices where the parent will not be there.  Be sure any special health problems are brought to the coach’s attention immediately.

Tag Days - The Waterloo Optimist Club conducts Tag Days each year every player/parent is expected to participate.  The Tag Day Parent Coordinator will schedule players and parents before the event and the schedule will be posted on the team website.  The Optimist Club has requested 2/3 players be at the site for the entire time assigned and 1 parent be available to supervise.  We need one or more parents to coordinate this event so please volunteer your time to this very important fund raising event.

Optimist Rules – Everyone needs to read these rules.  They are in addition the I.H.S.A. rules and can be found on the team website.

League Schedule - The regular season schedule can be found on both the team website and Leisure Service website.  The pre-season practice schedule can also be found on the team website.

All Star Game - There is an All Star game after the regular season.  Parents need to be aware that players are selected by Leisure Services and the number of players selected from the Dodgers is based upon the season ending won/loss standings.  If your son is not on the team, it is not the coach’s fault.